What is the booking process like?

Here at Fig & Rose, we process request emails within 1-2 days. Please include all your information in the Contact forum and most importantly, a range of dates that you are free. We tend to book dates fairly quickly, but we want to make sure that you have a spot that works for you! It helps if you give us 3 days that would work. If you have a specific date for an event or wedding, please specify that in your message.

Once we process your date, we send over a contract that requires your general information, a signature, and a 50% retainer fee. Once these are received, your date will be confirmed and we all start preparing for the shoot!


What location should I choose?

The location of the shoot is so important and can add a ton of fun to your images! The photos will be focused on you, but a great background adds a pop of color, texture, lines, and light! In general, we shoot in either a natural or urban location.

Natural lit locations are gorgeous open fields, tree-filled areas, and beaches. They work wonderfully for playing and focusing on each other. The best time of day to shoot in these types of locations is just before sunset, so we can get that magical golden light.

Urban spots are cool alleys and buildings. They have great color, texture, and variety! We can shoot in urban spots at pretty much any time of day since there’s lots of great shade or indoor light.

What do I wear?

These photos will last forever, so we want you to wear something that will feel timeless. We also want you to be comfortable and most importantly, happy. Here are some suggestions per client session:

General Tips:

·      Stick to classic, nicer clothing pieces. For women, dresses or a nice top and bottom work wonderfully! For men, stick to a button-up shirt and nice slacks.

·      Avoid graphics and patterns. I know it might be fun to incorporate a plaid or chevron-print pattern, but unless it’s Christmas-time or a Pinterest party, you’ll want to stay away from these prints.

Tips for Couples:

As a couple, it’s wonderful to wear complimentary colors! Tips for achieving this? If one of you is wearing a warmer color, have your partner wear a cooler color. This will give a wonderful color scheme for your images.

Also, consider harmonic tones in the same family of colors. If you’re wearing an olive-toned top, your partner might wear a lavender-colored or light-blue outfit. It always helps to try on outfits together and take those infamous mirror pictures! Try multiple styled outfits and you can compare your images before going through the real deal.

Tips for Families:

Coordinating shows that you are a group. A family. You belong together.

First, lets establish that not everyone has to match! Instead, think about the style of clothes and coordinate that. If you’re going for a bit dressier look, make sure everyone is looking sharp! If you want a more natural look, make sure everyone is dressed in something casual and comfortable.

Choose colors that compliment each other. Pick similar tones and colors in the same family. Lay out all of your outfits and see if they look nice together!

Tips for Maternity:

We get so excited for maternity shoots because it’s so true what they say about the glow. Look into maternity gowns that are solid colors. Stripes and patterns don’t do too well in photographs. Also, bring a pair of comfortable shoes! Sure, you might want to wear those adorable new shoes you just bought but make sure that if they’re not broken in, you have an extra pair of shoes that are comfortable to walk around in.

For gowns, we suggest taking a look at Hatch  and Isabella Oliver.

Preparation for a Shoot with Kids

For kids, it’s not always the easiest in planning days or getting everyone on board, but we’re here to make everything go as smoothly as possible! We want to capture your kids’ personality and not just a cheesy smile.

To encourage this, we suggest bringing multiple outfits, snacks, a favorite toy (in case the little one needs some comfort), and a couple of blankets. It’s important the kids stay warm, no matter what season we shoot in.

The Session

We want you to be the most comfortable and relaxed during your shoot. If you plan on booking a session in a natural lit location, bring props! Blankets, flowers, and balloons are the most popular choice- and they all look great on camera.

For women, we suggest bringing an extra lip-gloss, a few bobby pins, and a hairbrush. Make sure your makeup is natural and complimentary to your outfits. Let your natural waves flow or glam it up with straightening or curling your hair!

If this is a shoot incorporating a ring, make sure your nails are painted or have no chipped paint on them. For men, bring chapstick and please leave the baseball caps and sunglasses at home. If you sunburn easily, make sure to put on the sunscreen before you leave!

Most importantly, be yourselves. We want you to be happy and smiling, we’ll make sure to do the rest!

Then what?

With couples and families, we tend to take 5-7 days to process the images. With events, we tend to take 10-14 days. With headshots, we take 3-5 days.

After your images are processed, color-corrected, and retouched, they will be sent to you in a folder via a digital transfer link. This folder can be immediately downloaded onto any computer, so you’ll be able to download it wherever you are!

Here to Help

Ultimately, we are here to help in any way and you can contact us with any questions you might have! We genuinely aim to create a comfortable, exciting, and fun session for all of our clients.