I’m Dani. I’m a die hard romantic. I will fall in love with your love every. single. time. Spending time with you in your most special moments provides such an intimate look into the most genuine, heart-felt emotions, and I am so grateful to spend these moments with you. I believe in creating images that share the utmost passion in your story through golden, natural, and airy imagery.

Some of my favorite things:

My best friends once made me a twinkie cake and if I could bedazzle everything in sprinkles, I would.

I recently discovered fashionable overalls and I’m plotting how I can keep the trend going.

Sometimes, or actually a lot of times, you’ll find me blasting ridiculously catchy old songs, like Blue Swede’s “Hooked On A Feeling” or Men in Hats’ “Safety Dance.” I am unapologetically a dance-off instigator.

I have a cat who likes to shower with me. I am attempting to leash-train her but ahem, yes, I’m still working on it.

Some of my dreams for this year:

This year, I will explore the world with my best friend.

This year, I will practice being a florist.

This year, I will learn how to play the guitar so I can sing along to my favorite songs.